Let Him Go

Written by: Dana Kirby

Oh, how the storm inside rages on, fleeting thoughts of love plague me to the 
fullest. Oh, how his hands used to enrapture me, and the scent of his skin would 
cling to my body for what seemed to be days on end.

All of that is lost now, somewhere floating in the space that is time past. Tears fill 
my eye's, pain in my heart, for sweetness is mine no more.

All this tragedy should give me strength, all the harsh words should move my feet to 
a better place. Yet, I am stuck right here, writing words, feeling empty and hollow 
inside. A year has gone, and still he scoffs at me.

He disregards all that is my being, and is angered by my triffled words. I speak only 
to still keep him close to my heart, but maybe he is right after all. Time is moving on, 
and so is he. In the arms of someone else, for him to call her his own.

Breaking down, not ready for this change. Still it seems I must find the way.

Somewhere in the emptyness of my beating heart, I hear the words..

                                        LET HIM GO
                                              Just let him go!