Can You Stand a Chance

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Can You Stand A Chance?
Let me tell you about me…
I’m a kind me and friendly
I need real romance
  Can you stand a chance?
  I like bubble baths and candle light
 I don’t like to fight
 but don’t cross me
  long walks on the beach at night
 making love in the sand
  Can you stand a chance?
  A good book of poetry with a hot cup of tea
 wrapped up on the sofa with a soft blanket to warm me
yea that’s definitely me…
not a lot of people in this circle of love…
cause at the end of the day
 God’s the only one I trust
  I could slow dance all night on the roof top under the start light
 but can you stand a chance?
  I’m exactly what this world needs cause I’m originique
  they can’t program me, unlike much of society 
and they can accept a label…
so sit back and relax
 as you enjoy this journey in time
 with the one and only Angel…

By: Aleasha A. Martin