In this moment

Written by: Tumelo Mogotsi

A hollow feeling is
What sits within me,
And what I wish I had of you,
I cannot accurately tell
All I know is that..
In this moment my fingers
Are twitching to type out something
Just for your soulful eyes to read
And your mind to ogle on
In this moment, 
The depths of my ears are itching
To hear the decadent sound of your voice
And the laughter that always echoes
But of all the things I feel
Is a overwhelming sadness
A heavy heart and a sore head
A painful soul and a crying mind
Cause within this moment
As I think of only you
You don’t even remember me
I look upon all that I have said and done
And truly I wish I had done it better
Because when you have something
In the palm of your hand
And you own it wholly
Its worth in your own eyes declines
But within the composition of your emotions
The value grows larger still
And you realize that in each moment lies dread
In each moment lies hope
That your memory of me
Could be recovered
And the sad spell, placed upon my head
Thus taking away my power to feel
Could be lifted,
And I could feel every emotion as well as I feel this one
As my chest swells,
The feeling of complete abandonment
Threatens to overwhelm my spirit
And in this moment,
I wish I still had you.