Time Lost

Written by: Dana Kirby

Wall to wall shadows, but no one hears my screams. The world fades to black, a 
mist fills the air. My pain slowly retreats into the depths of who I used to be.
Surrounded by the past, trying to move through the fog, my priorities lay in a haze 
around me.
                 What is there left for me now?

He who evades my space
He who loved me unconditionally
He who showed me pure ecstacy.

I who pushed and pushed
I who loves unconditionally
I who showed him how wrong I could be.

Yet the clock slowly tics on, and my beating heart has died; Then revived by my will 
to go on, to stop the tears. To love no matter how much has changed or how much I 
hurt, or still hurt for the time that is lost!