Colors In Life

Written by: azim mohammed

Colors In Life

Color in life mingle in mind
Forming patterns of thought around
As though being revealed to my soul
In couplets of intoxicated verses

The mysteries began to shatter
The believes began to shatter
For it had the vigor to shatter the world

The seamless patters muse me the whole night
While my eyes were drowned in dreams
The book resurrected itself to light
While the seekers stir awry in rustic realms

The knowledge was bestowed to mankind
While the man was busy to mangle it
Couplets flow in the vine cup again
Intoxicating the atmosphere around

Some definite
Some obscure
Some meaningful
Some insane

The colors dissolved in each other
Sacrificing in the evolution of time
For they have the keys to knowledge

To raise mankind to pinnacle of love
Crumble his existence to dust.