Our Addiction to Oil

Written by: Ronald Bingham


I must have closed my eyes it seems,
for the world I once knew, feels like a far off dream!
Chaos seems to rule the day,
I don't see it getting better, yet I still pray!

I pray for guidance and not just for me,
but for all the leaders of every nation to open up their hearts and not just their eyes to
The world is like water in a pot that is about to boil,
all because of the greed for the necessity of our addiction to oil!

It is hard to imagine how man survived without the technology that we now use,
maybe this technology we have today we all abuse!
The only time we walk now is for exercise, and not as a have to,
have we all stood back and allowed things to happen and now we must pay our dues?

Has our backbone become rubber and bends with the wind,
no intestinal fortitude as I shiver at the sound of the word “my friend.”
To turn back the years would be such relief,
as I look to future with abandonment and grief!

If every man could examine himself and honestly repent,
and ask for mercy, that can only be from Heaven sent!
Maybe, just maybe if it could be done,
God could postpone sending down His only Son!