Fetchin' a Fish

Written by: gautami phookan

~ Hung on to the rod, lettin' my arms ache;
    Those anglers spin yarns, knew their tales fake.

    Here the fish don't bite,
    Or the lure they do not sight.

    Daddy all beans, a huge fish we'll home take.

~ "You ain't no addle pot; patience, my fay.
      A hog killin' time we'll have fur sure," he say.

      Up gulls they screechin',
      They all come fishin'.

      We no match, nary a fish we'll catch!.. Nay!

~ Suddenly, the water whooshed in a spout.
    My quiverin' line had bite, ain't a doubt.

     Reel in, reel in;
     No slack, pull the fish in.

     Rod with reel, away flew the biggest Trout!


8th place in the contest
For john freeman's contest : "Limericks About Fishing"