Ode to the Plein Air Painter

Written by: Karen Scannell

Starting New Year, what are your goals,
as an artist who paints "En Plein Air"?
To increase you skills, pay all your bills,
and become an "Art Millionare"?
By January first, become fully immersed,
in what inspires us to create.
Prepare for all weather, travel "light as a feather",
and remember.....not all will be "great"!
Throughout the year, it becomes clear,
as the secrets to "art" are revealed.
Not a moment to rest ,  you're on a quest-
and eyes ,  continuously "peeled"....
For that outdoor scene, we attempt to glean
a " likeness", a "spirit", a "feel"...
a struggle, a fight, a sudden changed light-
...damn, now where's that colour wheel?
Then suddenly one morning, it comes without warning-
like a gambler whose dealt a "royal flush".
The "zone" you have entered, and finally "centered",
create effortlessly, "at one with the brush"!
So in Art don't despair - we never "get there"
as our goal is a life-long quest-
We create and perspire, bewilder, admire-
and, will always be seeking our best!!