Sleepless Night

Written by: Tirzah Conway

Sleepless nights and haunted dreams, Nothing is ever as it seems; Dead of night, I’m wide awake, Listening to each breath I take; A cricket chirps just outside, As I lay in bed, eyes open wide; A lonely coyote cries in the dark, A dog answers back a mournful bark; And here I lay, fighting for sleep, Hell I even tried the counting of sheep; And as the darkness presses all around, The night time stills, there’s not a sound; I bolt upright as I struggle for air, And something moves in the black, over there; My heart is pounding out of my chest, As I strain to see my unwelcome guest; And from out of no where, I jerk awake, Flip on the light, it was all a mistake; The terror I felt was just a nightmare; I look all around and no one is there; So I lay back down and turn off the light, And try to sleep for the rest of the night.