Fantasy Land

Written by: Emma Buckeridge

On the dark side of town the Ogre lives
His only friend is the refection he sees
On pondering on his shade of green
He boomed out a hearty groan indeed 

Tired of being a lonely soul
He thought up imaginary elves and trolls
‘Too tiny for me to see’ he moaned
‘I might squish their tiny bones’

So who could be his ideal mate?
Maybe a banshee? Could this be fate?
Certainly not, he thought. The hour late
Her screams and shrills would make me quake

In the crooked mansion down the street
Lived a vampire with smart clean teeth
It was rumoured that he had turned a new leaf
He now drank fine wines not blooded meat

So the gigantic ogre rang the bell
A smartly dressed enchanted friend
Offered the ogre an ear to lend
They now share tales till eternities end  

By Emma Buckeridge
For contest : Fantasy Land
7th place win