Until There Was You

Written by: Dana Kirby

 Wade through the water, and kiss my tears. Hold me not in your arms, but in your 
heart. I fear that time has left me behind somewhere in fate. I long only to know 
him, and drown in his darking soul.

I once walked alone in the face of shame. My sin followed me like a black cloud on a 
rainy day. I cried out mercifully, begging for true forgivness. Who would hear my cry, 
who should know my pain? I wish I could say love lifted me high, but love only spit 
on me, and left me here to die. Swimming in a sea of emotion, giving my all showing 
great devotion.

The words still hanging in the sky, as he kissed my lips and told me good-bye. All I 
had left now was my rage, my gaurd was back up; my heart locked in a cage. I felt 
as if there would never again be light, till someone else touched me and granted  
back the sight.

Blinded by lust, and guilted through pain. I vowed last year I wouldn't love like that 
again. Do these words, though, we ever speak come true? I thought I would stick to 
my vow forever, until there was you.