Loving You--a collaboration with Deb Wilson

Written by: Jimmy Anderson

I'll be your Bonnie if you'll be my Clyde.
Together we'll swim out against the tide.

I'm your queen and you are my king.
I can't describe the joy you bring.

My best friend ever and the love of my life.
I want nothing more than to be your wife.

You get me like nobody has before.
You're my lover and so much more.

I know I'm your soul mate and you are mine
sure as I know the clouds' design.

I'm wrapped around your finger forever.
Loving you is my life's endeavor.

You are an angel that fell from Heaven;
From one through ten-you're an eleven!

You know you are all I completely adore.
I've given you the keys to my hearts corridor!

You are the answer to my raging desire.
My midnight dancer and you have me on fire!

You know you are my idea of perfection.
It's amazing how we share this spiritual connection!

You complete me in more ways than one.
Loving you is my life's mission under the sun!