Forbidden Love

Written by: Andrew Nashat

I wake up thinking off you from the time I open my eyes till the time I shut them,
You’ve taken over me, binding me with chains that I can’t break through,
I feel I’m in a dream that I can’t wake up from,
I long to let go of you, but that would only crush me.

I see you everywhere I go,
Like a shadow the thought of you follows me,
I crave to get closer to you yet I know that our love is forbidden,
I must wake up from this dream and declare my forbidden love, before I lose my 
mind completely.

 I see you pass by me every day,
The most beautiful visage I have ever seen,
Your looks alone make me wonder whether I’m in heaven,
Or you’re just an angel that lives among us.

The mere sight of you makes my darkest day seem like a lost memory,
Your scent makes me sway into slumber I don’t want to wake up from,
Your voice rings in my head like a mystical instrument trying to entrance me,
You make me want to live inception and never come out.

Trying to let go of you makes me desire you even more,
Forcing me to walk a path with a dead end,
I’ve lost my mind completely; I can’t live without you any longer,
I shall declare our forbidden love to the world.

I’ve finally woken up from this dream,
I’ve broken the chains that your love had bound me with,
I’m a free man with a voice to declare his forbidden love,
But shall you accept it my dear?

Drowning in a whirlpool of emotions,
With my warm tears and the sounds of my screams to accompany me,
I’ve fallen back into the dream, but this time you’re not with me,
For you’ve shattered me into pieces, piercing me with a blunt knife the day you took 
my love and turned it into a joke.