I'm not Done yet

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

I'm not done I feel a new day is about to come I see things with both eyes
I part the way unto the skies I walk with more confidence at best even in the worst 
of  the worst of it I know what I should know now I'm glad to be here grateful to be born

This is what I didn't plan this awareness this awaking was by the master's hand
I am in touch with the inner me which brings out my outer beauty I love the crest
of the sun from dawn to noon til the moon enter the sun rays and simply tuck the 
sun away life  is here no more thoughts no more fears just moving forward with

No more dark cloud unless rain is ready to nurture us with drops of knowledge 
I'm here I feel I have so much to do I feel a sense of being brand new as I wake 
from day to day I am on my walk making my dreams come try not just for me but
everybody as I lay down at night I cut off my dream light and drift into the 
silent atmosphere and seek the next days peek with joy and peace

Copywritten@April 2011