Written by: Brenda Atry

My avaricious appetite for life,
  Provides the fuel to ramble ,
     Through this ripened world I roam.
           I'm driven by unrelenting hunger.

                           This  greedy, vicious beast,
            who calms with continuous feeding,
 Consumes my soul and waking moments,
and propels me, salivating, onward.

                         Unfed, my compass needle spins in panic,
                                        My thoughts chaotic, I lose my focus.
                                              I travel roads, pitch black and rutted,
                                                                  Just to quench the rabid thirst.

                         The paths at times,
                 Are filled with fog,
         Obscuring my sight,
Bringing me to my knees.

                                           I seek illumination,
                                                     To know what it is to be sated.
                                                                 But this knowledge is for others,
                                                                            I've not yet found my way to light.

Through this land I'll wander,
                Eyeing fruit laden landscapes,
                                    and white caps on the ocean waves..
                                                   I need to savour every luscious moment .