The Funky Train 4

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 As peepholes windows rattled on over pot holes,
 In the inner sanctum, dim-light show darkly,
 As prolific pickpockets glimpsed full fat purses;
 With stealthy filty paws to fiddle and fondle inside hot
 Where hustling market's women chests underwear pouches,
 Raucous kerfuffle flew after razor slashed deep pockets;
 Like the flight of Flamengos
 Dropping on motion, the golden stolen wallet assailant
 And here, disgraceful disguise faces of nourished notorious
 Glib salesman eulogize marble chalk tablets and
 To singe one thousand and one sickness,
 And lifeless crowd spilled and shrouded lapsed on the parts
 of poison ivy;
 Thrust-thronged, defacing the emerging showcase of faceless
 Better forgot in the museum of pyramid antiquity,
 And rot on the garbage of yawning-gap memory,
 Dark films smoke caked on drooping ill-faded fountain
 Tree-lined traveling barb-wire amid
 Toxic sludge plaster grass on muddy carpeted borderline,
 The prowling beast trailing, triggering machine-gun
 shrapnels and blasts;
 Screaming smoking tires scattered shimmering lights on wet
 Turning bank of orchard blooming in red pomegranate into
 cemetery bay.