The Funky Train 1

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 Marauding through the suburban
 Merry-go-rounding through the  city landscapes,
 Marauding through the city ghettos;
 Merry-go-rounding through the Metropolitan,
 Marauding through the city gates,
 Spluttering armoured tank roaring and rolling on
 Mobilizing blazing mobile container lopped out of control,
 Revving monster enthroned as the villain of the road,
 Wailing ramshackle, the knackered one hell of a horse-power
 plodded on,
 All knee-jerk wounded out in roughly cut steel;
 More the crawling millipede, speeding on roughly curl ruin
 A tangy flaming yellow lorry burnt into bleeding hearse
 Virulent virus attacking circulatory fortresses,
 A living daylight nightmare dream haunting folks,
 As the devouring beast fumed and purred proudly,
 Off debris fragrance suspended in lasting pall
 Gassing leering leaded blanket of Carbon,
 Attacking painful and searing sore-blindness as a bat
 And daunting shedding deadly poisonous mournful flowing