Flight - less -

Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

Flight (less) 

Flight is a gift from God - The Bald Eagle spreads her wings 

The Emperor Penguin is a novel sight,
With an crown of gold around the scruff,
Heavily insulated and robbed of flight,
Icy swims, bitter cold, these conditions are rough,
The emperor survives, despite.

New Zea land's pet bird,
Don’t eat this kind of Kiwi,
They can’t fly and are not safe,
National Symbol,
This little guy likes the night,
Smells dinner from far away.

The Emu looks like its cousin,
The Ostrich and his kin are grounded.

Original Poem written by:
Samual Ronthorpe for the contest:
“four DIFFERENT BIRDS IN FOUR DIFFERENT forms”  ¤¤  4th Place ¤¤

The four forms are:

1) Monoku
2) Sicilian Quintain
3) Choka
4) Crystalline

Composed 4-27-2011 ©.