Written by: Insane Rose insane

the way i see you smile
i put inside my head file
the look in your eyes
the beauty shows from deep inside
my mind is racing and
i cant stop pacing
i cant understand, i'm frightened
i'm tence and my jaw i tighten
the angel i knew, the lord has taken
my heart is aching.
the anger, the hate and the love
how can this feeling be understood
not even by the lord above
he took her our beautiful dove
angles like mine are pure in love
her mission completed, to her home she flies
watching and caring for thouse left behind
my angel is in heaven,with teared eyes i sigh
im glad i got to meet her on earth
for when i get to heaven
her face and presence will be well worth
angels in heaven were taken from earth
they come for a while to teach us to love
so when they have completed their
mission, the lord gives them their wings
so they can watch the miricle of love that through her
will forever go on..