Negitive mind

Written by: Christy Love

I love writing poetry.
I write whatever's on my mind.
I cant think of anything positive to write.
All I can think about is all the trouble I'v been through in my life.

That's not good.
This is not how I want to be.
I want to be somone posistive 
not somone who is full of negitivity.

I'll just pray about it.
Sombody pray for me.
I dont want to live the rest of my life depressed and angry.
That's not good for my babies and it sure aint good for me.
I will not allow any more drama in my life.
No more crying myself to sleep at night.
I cant change him and his selfish ways.
He's one reason why I'm depressed every day.

I feel like the biggest fool. 
Oh here I go agean with my negitive thoughts.
I cant have him in my life anymore. He can stay pissed off.

Just going to leave it in God's hands. I'm going to take my babies and leave.
Need to be in a more posistive enviroment. No more drama for me.
It's not worth it.
Need to be in a positive enviroment.
My babies deserve it.