Lorum Ipsum

Written by: Jason Talbott

Something funny on the way to the forum,
I found a page that said "ipsum lorum".
What does it mean?
Is it something obscene?
Is it meaningful or only decorum?

Followed by the words "dolor sit amet"
My heart raced and I broke into a sweat.
My eyes started to strain;
Was I going insane?
Ha! Trick question, don't answer that yet.

"Consectetur adipisicing elit",
Now I was ready to pitch a big fit.
Confused and perplexed,
I scanned the rest of the text.
It was as easy to read as sanskrit.

I seriously considered going for unction,
'Til I remembered the famous search function.
Google quickly displays,
"Lorum Ipsum's a phrase
Commonly found on pages under construction!"