Tonight I Died

Written by: brandy uptain

Tonight I have died,
As I silently screamed inside.
My well of tears has run dry,
And I no longer have the strength to cry.
I have killed the part of my heart I so freely gave you,
Now it the deepest pain I am going through.
The only part of my brain...
Where I have truly gone insane...
Misses you more than the flower misses the dew...
The part of my brain that stupidly misses you.
If I knew last night was the last time the words "I love you" would escape your lips,
I would have clung to them with a death grip.
Now as I sit here wondering what I did to destroy "us",
The wind begins to gust.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
I shall lay my head down and do what I must.
I must begin to let go of the awesome love I was just getting to know,
Before you decided to let go.
In your arms I felt safety like no other,
I was ceratin nothing could tear it assunder.
Why did I have to give you my heart so you could tear it into pieces small enough to 
fit through a strainer,
What did I do to provoke the love god's anger.
I'm afraid that an autopsy would show,
Nothing but a black hole.
When I didn't hear from you it was like a knife to the heart,
Was that your plan from the start?
So tonight I died,
As I silently screamed inside.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
Remember that you were my most cherished Love.