The Winds of Change

Written by: brandy uptain

When the winds of change blow,
Which direction will they go?
Will they blow me in the direction I so urgently need,
With incomparable speed?
My heart needs a change,
It is stuck in a cage.
The direction I need to go is always out of reach,
It is an unhealable breach.
I have travelled this road for so long,
I'm not sure I can make it alone.
I need someone with hands so soft they could melt butter,
And takes my voice so all I can do is stutter.
Someone with a smile so bright it could dim the sun,
I want to feel safe and not have to run.
I want to be with someone with whom I will never be ghost,
But a beautiful heart, that is what I need the most.
I need a man who won't fall apart at the least little thing,
And make my heart take wing.
I want my heart to beat again,
Before the end.
I want a man who will love me unconditionally,
And take me for who I will always be.
In short, the man I want is you,
I feel as if you are the only one who can pull me through.
So what will happen when the winds of change blow,
What will I have to show?
I want to spend the rest of my life pleasing the one who saved me,
Please, God, this I pray, bring him to me.