It Can't Last Forever

Written by: John Monteblanco

Why won’t my memory of you fade?
You always said you had my back, but at what cost?
The bullet wound through your chest tells me where we stand-in the middle of a bloody 
gang war.
Surrounded by blood and innocent bodies.
I bet I can count the total amount, give me a sec.
3,  15,  50,  200 dead bodies on the ground floor.
What ever happened to our dreams-living the millionaire dollar life, when all we have is 
thirty cents in our back pocket?
We stood together ‘till the end, but what now?
I really don’t want to get shot.
At least not like you did-by your own girl who just happened to be in a gang war.
We knew our luck wouldn’t last forever, chasing and snatching dreams with no failures.
Even now,
as I see you on the ground, as I hear the gun shots, as I see bodies falling, I can safely 
say “We’re the luckiest people alive.”