Written by: Elaine George

I sit in my kitchen 
with a cup of tea,
while the world 
is still asleep,
and there in the darkness, 
I  wait for you 
in a state of tranquility.

Soon - a drop 
of magenta  seeps,
into a sea of black,
as it  bleeds and bleeds,
in multiple streams,
bringing the daylight back.

Then from the base, 
of a purple line,
where the sea and earth
meet  sky,
a blazing ball of fire appears,
nearly blinding my eyes,
and the night -  in a flash -  

Higher and higher,
that ball of fire,
rises into the sky;
setting the boughs
of the pines ablaze,
in shades of red,
and golden rays,
beneath a sky
now royal blue
as I watch the sun
rise in the East
and dream - again,
of you.


Author:  Elaine George