drifting away

Written by: Jasmine Turner

Drifting Away

U luv me u hate me 
it takes all day 
for you to find out what u wanna say 
I'm waiting I'm crying on the inside 
but I keep a straight face to keep u alive
but don't you see what's happening
I’m losing my grip on reality
so baby please help me see
that we really can be
or there's nothing left for you or for me
baby I love you,
you know its true
but I don't know what to do
so can't you see whats happening
we're drifting away
losing a piece day to day 
we're drifting away
waiting for each other to find the right thing to say
and make it okay
we're drifting away
losing our minds day after day
were drifting away
slowly forgetting what we want to say
so we just go on like its another day