Written by: Jasmine Turner

UM these next few poems i have will be UNFINISHED SONGS!!!!! i will edit them when i
finish them so tell me what you think thanks

Can't go further cant go back you know I love you
you know in care
but I’m tired of pulling out my hair
your like a ball and I don’t know what to wear
your like a jail and I have no one to help me bail
sorry baby but we're going stale
just let me go
don’t say you care 
cuz it only makes it harder to bear
because of you I cant breathe all because I
wore my heart on my sleeve
you honestly made me believe we could be
just let me go don’t say you care
I’m tired of this wear and tear
because of you I lost sleep
don’t remind me of what we used to be
why cant you see its over baby
p.s don't have title for this song any suggestions?