Touch Me - Dusk

Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

Touch Me – Dusk
Original Poem written for the contest:
“Touch Me Up and Down”    ¤¤ Placed 4th ¤¤
Samual Ronthorpe

Our Planet.
The sun gives life,
Squeezing her children,
Providing us with food,
And regulating our mood.
Occasionally, she will rest,
And allow Dusk to grip the land, Night.
Dawn and Dusk share in natures’ epic dance.

This dance of the titans flows flawlessly,
Dawn releases her grip at twilight,
And allows Dusk to take the lead,
Dusk teases the Night, “Join Me”,
Night spins Dusk, all alone,
Night brushes time by,
Looking for Dawn,
Holding hands,