Beauty and the Vampire

Written by: brandy uptain

As I wandered through the park,
It began to grow dark.
A shadow did appear and frightened me so,
Then came the sound of breathing soft and low.
Was it only the wind whispering through the trees,
That did so frighten me?
I turned that way and this,
Out of the darkness came laughter that left me completely without sense.
"Who is there," I timidly asked,
But he was upon me in a flash.
As I looked in horror I did see,
A pair of fangs that gleamed,
In the moon's beams,
A Vampire had come upon me.
As sharp as nails were they,
The better to drain his prey.
"Go ahead, slave, beg for your life,
Beg mercilessly and may make you my wife.
For you are very beautiful indeed,
But could you ever love a beast such as me?"
"You are no beast," I say to him,
My eyes filling to the brim.
I take his hand and put it upon my breast,
So that he might feel the heart beat in my chest.
"Young maiden, where have you found such beauty for your face,
If I had a beating heart it would have found its place.
"Well then give unto me the kiss of death,
And ye shall never have less,
Than my gentle caress,
And the heart still beating in my chest."