Will Power Resolution

Written by: Anne Rutherford

My mountain, will I climb it today?
Will I strive to make it, or just stay
far away?

The powers in my muscles will not count 
for this mountain.
Just thoughts  in my head, to overcome ,
is at play.

I want to get up there, will it happen today?
Obstacles like harden obsidian, dark and
challenging impede my path.

Try as I may, mind games prevail,
and influence my every thought.
Will I see the next day,
Or die on the way?

Envision, don't deliberate is what I must do.
Find the path that is right , just for you.

Being positive is the only way to climb 
my mountain, and make it fade away.

Copyright 2008
Anne Rutherford
Poems From The 
Heart Series.