I Dream

Written by: brandy uptain

What did you do today,
Did you give your heart away?
I dream of your face,
Full of grace.
I dream of your eyes,
And my heart pains me until I cry.
I dream about your hair,
I dream of being in you arms, what I wouldn't give to be there.
I dream about saying your name,
The sound of it drive me insane.
I dream about you holding me tight...
Bathed in morning's first light.
I dream of you whispering my name on a moan,
As I sit here alone.
I dream of you giving me your name,
It is only you who can make my heart tame.
Alas, it is nothing but a dream,
You yourself are a figment or so it would seem.
I don't know how my heart beats on,
How can loving you be wrong?
You are the man I want to love forever,
Your love is going to be my greatest endeavor.
Your heart shall be my greatest prize,
In your arms I would love to lie.
Maybe I should just tell you,
What I need from you.
Just say you love me,
And fulfill all of my dreams.