Satin Stained Red

Written by: brandy uptain

I still have it you know,
But it seems as though the stain has grown.
I hear the whispers as I walk down the street,
From everyone that I meet.
"Didn't she used to be his,"
The woman just whispered in a hiss.
I tried the Dress on just yesterday,
I should have destroyed it they say.
But what do they know,
Tell me it isn't so...
Tell me the white satin isn't stained red,
Tell me it wasn't your blood that was bled...
Onto the fabric and onto my hands,
This wasn't in our plans.
It has been months now,
But to you I am still bound.
I held you in my arms as your life slipped away,
"I love you", were the last words I heard you say.
I kissed your lifeless lips and held you close to me,
Come back... that is my final plea.
Rest and know that your pain is done,
Be at peace and know that you have my love and one day soon the love of our son.