Skeletons in My Closet

Written by: James Loggins

I have had a very haunted life
I was once happily married
But on our honeymoon, I lost my wife
To an illness she never told me she had

I then after her funeral, denounced love
I even started drinking again
I sometimes prayed to whomever up above
To help rid me of the constant pain

That I was feeling every day
People thought I was some kind of fiend
All because whenever they walked by me
I smelled like alcohol or morphine

I have kicked the bad habits
But there is one thing that always will remain
My denouncement of love is still in effect
And I am certain that I will always feel pain

It seems that I will always suffer
For as long as I shall live
There will always be skeletons in my closet
No matter how much I try to take or give