Upon My Tomb

Written by: brandy uptain

My heart no longer stalls when the phone rings,
Joy, the sound no longer brings.
My heart has no captain near,
And my worth is so unclear.
I barely have strength to raise my head,
But I'd rather be here crying instead...
Of in the arms of just another lying cad,
I refuse to let the thought of you make me sad.
I will not call you and here the disappointment,
Never again will my heart feel disproportionate.
You make me want to hang my head in shame,
I know it is my heart that will bear the blame.
I know I deserved to be hanged in the town's square,
Where everyone I know cam laugh and stare.
Upon my tomb there should be written this:
You surely shall not be missed...
You were the lowest of the low,
And your death was far too slow...
You were a foolish, foolish girl,
Who never should have been brought into this world...
May you burn where you belong,
And we still cannot explain why God granted you this long.
Worthless I may be,
And Heaven I will probably never see.
But the question I have is this,
You must answer, I insist.
Why didn't I deserve a little love too,
Yeah, I'm asking you.
Just whisper your answer and I will hear,
But worry not, to you I will not linger near.