Scars of My Past

Written by: James Loggins

My back is covered in scars
My life is like being a criminal behind bars
A lot of people have let me down
They would always pick me last on the playground

Not only would they sometimes hurt me,
Torment me, lie to me, and mistreat me
But they just ruined and hurt me badly
It all still has not ended sadly

There is still hurt and torture being done to me
I am not sure if I will ever become free
Of all that has happened in my life
But I will never offer any of them strife

It is all just a price you pay
For getting mistreated every day
But I will never sink as low as they did
I mean, I was just a little kid

When they all chose to pick on me
I have just decided to let it all be
But the scars of my past will probably never go away
Again, it is the price you pay