The Call

Written by: brandy uptain

These eyes of mine,
Curse them for crying all the time.
Those eyes of yours,
Could melt steel doors.
This heart of mine has beat so fast,
When you have called in the past.
This soul of mine could so easily shatter,
Yet it is played with as though it does not matter.
A voice so sexy,
Each syllable promises ecstasy.
Blue eyes as cold as ice,
At the moment they seem to be my only vice.
At moments like this,
It is your voice I miss.
I close my eyes and see you there,
It so horrible to care.
I wonder if you will call,
Each second that you don't my heart falls.
I wonder if you will break my heart,
Have I deserved it from the start?
Why must I suffer and wait,
Is it wrong to defy fate?
Upon my heart there is war,
Will it be less or more?
The memory of your voice comforts me,
It embraces me and then sets me free.
Rescue my mind from chaos and pain,
I do believe I am going insane.
Like a ghost you crept in...
And more than likely that is how you'll leave again.
Don't let it be tonight, I pray,
As the clouds in my heart get a little more gray.
Please let him call, I beg of someone I cannot see,
Hopefully my father is somewhere watching over me.
Please if you are there...
Answer my prayers...
Send him the vibe, 
To make him mine.
Let the phone ring and me hear his voice,
Finally a reason in my life to rejoice.