Fatal Attraction

Written by: Elaine George

Again! I come to you,
thou, I said I never would;
but! Here I am again,
in the middle of the night, 
your slave.

How many times,
have I walked away;
turned my back on you,
then found I couldn’t
sleep a wink, for all I did
was lie-awake, and think of you? 

And even when I could sleep, 
every dream, - I dreamed, was you.
It would appear, 
I am addicted to you.

What is this hold you have on me,
that will not set me free;
that claims my every waking,
and sleeping thought, and dream?

There are times I love you more
than life itself,  when you carry me away 
from the downside of reality;  
and I become the real me. 

But, there are times, when I hate you;
like now, when I need to sleep,
but you keep calling me, knowing
I can’t resist. 

So, here I am again,
in the middle of the night,
in the kitchen  - with you - my destiny
as once again, I write.

Written:  April 25, 2011 - 
This Free Verse was inspired by: another sleepless night