Drive Me

Written by: brandy uptain

Lust builds inside of me,
Bubbling to be free.
You come to me from out of the shadows and mist,
My lips are swollen ready to be kissed.
You touch my body with just a finger,
It is a feeling that will linger.
You touch my hair,
Your fingers do not linger there.
I look into your eyes,
As blue as the skies.
You touch my face,
Yours is filled with elequence and grace.
You speak but it is no more than whisper,
It is the only way you can contol Her.
Your fingers slide over my neck,
And you give it a little peck.
I lie there my soul and body bare,
You touch every part of me with such care.
Your every touch drives me to point of insanity,
What you do to me is nothing short of profanity.
My body yearns,
My soul burns.
For the soul wrenching love you can give me,
Like rain bathing a tree.
Our lust builds and builds...
Until it is quelled,
At your beauty even the moon seems to have paled.
With the love we have made and the things we have done,
We will bring forth a son.
Many a woman have pled to be your Queen,
Why did you choose me?
Is it because I can ride,
Your wonderous tide...
Of wonderous emotions you have in your heart,
That have ravaged me from the start.
You lavish kisses once again upon my lips,
As I quiver upon your hips.
What we have given each other,
No man nor woman shall give another.
We have given each other our hearts, souls, and minds,
Until the end of time.