Written by: brandy uptain

I lie in restless sleep,
As he once again takes over my dreams.
I see him and my heart quakes,
Now I even see him when I am awake.
In my soul he sets a fire,
The one they call Vampire.
I hear his minions at my door,
As my feet hit the floor.
They have come to take me to him,
As the light grows dim.
I only slept to be in his arms,
I couldn't see the harm.
I knew one day he would find me,
How could he refuse the blood of the Elf Queen?
They take me to him upon bended knee,
And I prostrate myself at his feet.
He is old,
From a time before Jack the Ripper roamed.
But you could not tell it by looking into his face,
All I could see upon it was elegance and grace.
I could also see lust burning in those blue eyes,
Lust that burned this soul of mine.
"Do you have any idea what I want to do,
To you?"
He said,
And my heart bled.
"You want to drink my blood,
And surrender to the delicious flood."
He was not the first Vampire to ask for my magic,
Yet he was the only one I would grant it to how tragic.
I look into his eyes,
As blue as the skies.
I see the lust inside of him,
I see it though the lights are dim.
He brings me to stand by his side,
I have awakened his Demon inside.
He turns my neck to reveal my vein,
His lust now driving him insane.
He sinks his teeth in deeply,
As my eyes glaze sleepily.
He is done finished with his meal,
But the bond is sealed.
As we lie side by side,
Only one thing comes to mind...
I have killed the monster everyone said could not be defeated,
I was the thing he needed.
To bring new life into those eyes,
And take upon his soul's cries.
As the sun rises it fall upon the Elf Queen,
And her eternal King.

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