Written by: Courtney Russell

She moves elegantly, strolling, walking, running, being free, being full, full of pride,
full of ambition, full of everything except me.

She has vision, she has dreams, so she sacrifices, because she has needs, she cuts and she
bleeds, she takes it all in order to achieve.

She loves but leaves it be, the 9 to 5 has more need, more need than the need for me.

She takes no vow, no for better, no for worse, she works the blocks to fill her empty
purse, and fills her belly and then pays the nurse.

Dollar bills, to pay bills, full spoons to feed babies, questions get maybes.

Filthy hands leave dirty prints, soft moans leave evidence of gentle caresses,and that

Oh that kiss.

Soft lips mending, tongues blending, till wills be bending, shocks and impulses our brains
keep sending.

Inside cores melt, creating a feeling, subliminal, leaving me all to myself.

Inheriting the memories, memories you forgot, but I couldn't