Heavenly Angel

Written by: brandy uptain

The days go by so slowly,
The pain inside of me unholy.
The days number greatly since you've been gone,
I have missed you for far too long.
What is this I see,
A heavenly angel descending upon me.
What is this mine eyes doth behold,
It gives me more pleasure than you could ever know.
Reflections of your face numbering ten thousand and one,
They shine as brightly as the sun.
"Have you come to take me home," I say,
For this I have prayed.
"We shall be together once again," he says,
As I feel the cold hand that is Death's.
"Hold on just a little longer,
For pain and grief make the the spirit stronger."
I close my eyes,
Content to die...
With my heavenly angel by my side.
Finally we float away,
On this my dying day.
We are reunited at last,
Two heavenly angels transform a troubled past.