Written by: Arcene Janvier

Pass on through the years, age has steady gripped my soul
Worn and weary are my fears, as I'm calmly growing old
How long will I still trod along, as the years will soon unfold

Seen the trials and tribulations, as it yearns to vex my mind
Feel my youth disintegrating, and my brain starts to unwind
Can't seek for a future, that's becoming hard to find

Wars a raging physical, and my bones begin to ache
Heart and blood ain't the same, body slowly feels the quake
As long as I'm still treading years, this is what I still intake

Generations moving on, birthing future sets of men
Views are vastly different, their indulgence I condemn
Wisdom's my companion, experience my only friend

Looking on to rest in peace, only bed I'll lay my head
Planning for my last respect, having little fear or dread
Only thing I wonder 'bout, who will inherit my stead