missing you

Written by: sabastin gunner

I awoke this morning missing you as is so often the case. 
I try and fight it back but always think how much easier it would be to wake with 
I see you in passing from time to time and although I treasure each moment to gaze 
upon you I Know as soon as its done this Missing will set in again. 
I often go to the imaginary place where we are together yesterday, now, tomorrow 
and that helps me but today help it does not Iam still missing you.
Two halfs of a whole we are you know and that half that you posses is my spirt my 
heart and my soul.
I will continue on because thats all their is and wait for my other half to walk by to 
be completed for a few mere seconds for its so much more then most will ever know 
it's not alot but will have to do. 
But for right now I will just go on missing you...