your touch

Written by: sabastin gunner

Your touch is like sunlight on my skin. Your voice is a cool breeze rushing over and 
through my body. 
When I am close, to resist being closer is like the waves resisting gravity.
Your presence your being fills me completely wrapping all that is me in your warmth 
your compassion and your love. 
So tightly I feel as though nothing will ever harm me again. 
I can not begin to stop wanting you and all that is you for you are what truly defines 
all that I have ever searched for. Your touch drives through my flesh to my soul and 
caresses my spirit to points yet undiscovered by those who have yet to experience 
what it is to be touched by a celestial being. 
To feel all emotions, everything in a wave so intense as to leave me speechless and 
weak in your arms. 
I will never stop longing for your touch. I will not wake another day, sleep another 
evening with out craving it and I will continue to feel it upon my skin till the life 
Then I will continue to wait, wanting till alas some day I feel that touch again....I 
love you