Written by: Kyle Carlson

I've got a voice
Actually I've got two
They serenade the crevices of my brain 
And tell me what to do
In one ear
We've got Mr. Nice
A misleading Name
With this guy, mercy won't suffice
Blood... guts
He lives for the gore
I just, I pray
That he wouldn't talk to me anymore
In the other ear
I hear Dr. Kill
Pretty Self Explanatory
This guy's mentally ill
His whisper's like that of an angel
His commands are inhumane
I can't live another day
With a mind so insane
For these voices
I've killed
Slurped the blood 
That spilled
Danced with the corpses
While they decayed
Punctured my own skin
With a razor sharp blade
Stop talking to me!
I don't want to hear what you have to say
Never mind, I think I like it
Goddamn it! why am I this way
I beg for that third voice
But it hides
Cowers behind the shadows 
Of the other guys
Please conscience
Come back to me
Why can't we be friends
Like we used to be
But that's my head
A soulless slaughter mill
A psychotic structure under the reign of
Two voices named Mr. Nice and Dr. Kill