Old Age-A curse ?

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Lying on this bed at the walls I stare..
With no one to bother and no one to care...
neither can I see ,hear or walk...
Nor do I have someone to talk..

Disabled me, an old bag of bones,
Alone I live ...just left to mourn,
Abandoned by children, family and friends..
All I want now ..to reach my end!!!

Old age..into me it sinks..
Sadness and loneliness ..me it kills..
Brings along all troubles and illness,
Snatches away my joy and wellness..

I too was young some day oh dear!!
Wanted by all..far and near..
Today I am old and near my end..
So by all.. to be abandoned?

All I ask is for some love ,my dear..
Nothing else I want, why do you fear?

To all youth today I say...
Youth is a phase which soon passes away..
Old age for all..Is here to stay..