Written by: Arcene Janvier

What's gotten into your path
What results do you show from its aftermath?
What product incites your euphoric state
What draws you to unheralded whims of ecstasy?
What can relate? Or instead what can equate?
What stems the tide of common decency
What quells the accusations of degenerate
What keeps your mind transcendent
What substance renders you unrepentant
What spark you ignite, what makes you inflate
What consciously pumps up your heart-rate?
What stands as your victory, yet seals your fate
What formulates your inconspicuous move
What serves as the template for your audacious groove
What obstructive passion drains obverse desire
What coincidental consequences lay dire?
What drowns you in mire? What burns you like fire?
What's keeping you compatibly senseless and wired?
What gives you a motivational pull to insane,
What's screaming resistance, albeit in vain?
What's your fix?