Written by: Arcene Janvier

Haters Galore 
Look at all these riches, glory and expenses I live for 
I see your envy and greed for my success at its core 
After all, I'm a textbook example of why I'm rich and you're poor 
Need we say more? 

Haters take note 
I'm blinged out with platinum, chains and fur coats 
Yet I'm not too big to be shining, yet too proud to gloat 
You're probably thinkin' I'm the reason why it's murder she wrote 
Or murder she smote! 

Haters beware 
You're possessing the tools that showcase your worst fears 
All my riches prove true, as well as all my expensive gear 
And my posse I roll with done gotten their share 
Have I made myself clear? 

Haters that hate 
Has all my shining caused damage, and made your ego deflate 
Are my diamonds and jewelry what makes you can't think straight 
I got enough issues with shining to deal with your hate on my plate 
Your hate is your fate!