I Deserve to Be Loved

Written by: James Loggins

All the women who knew me growing up
Told me they could never see me in the way
As a man that they could see themselves with
They would tell me I would find somebody one day

But to me, that was not good enough
I tried to give them my heart
They all thought I was tough
But the truth is, I was not

I suffered after each time I got shot down
I guess I will never know why
They never saw me as an interesting man
I knew that I was a very nice guy

But I guess that was not what they wanted
In a man they could see themselves with
Their choices used to have me haunted
Because again, I was willing to give them

All that I could possibly give
And not a day goes by
Where I realize for as long as I shall live
I deserve to be loved just like all of you