The Chosen One

Written by: Sami Helbaoui

A man who cuts seas with a pen
Who drifts souls with a word
Who shares wisdom with the lost
Who gives love for the dead
His poems are as tight as stone
As clear as snow
As wonderful as gold
Praise the man that walks
With honor and confidence
Praise the man that talks
With kindness and strength
This man that has no limits
In loving and in giving
This man never gets bored
From our continues mistakes
This man is like no other
In God’s creation of mankind
But this man is not yet to be found
Though we are waiting for the chosen one
To come and free us from our sins
To come and kill the devil within ourselves
This man, our savior,
Will greet him with wide open hands
And let him lead us to the wide open lights
Let him take us to the road of the heavens